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News Highlights

Award winners at the 4th Annual China Remanufacturing Summit

Congratulations to all of the award winners at the fourth Annual China Remanufacturing Summit, held in Zhangjiangang, Jiangsu Province, 29th-30th May

Invention creates drinking water from thin air

A researcher at Nottingham Trent University is using repurposed fridges to create drinking water from thin air to help people in developing countries.

Remanufacturing and the H.R. 4056 Federal Vehicle Repair Cost Saving Act of 2014

Newly proposed legislation in the US wants the 588,000 vehicles in the civilian Federal fleet to use remanufactured vehicle components where possible, to reduce operation and maintenance costs.

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Carbon footprints

We have performed many carbon footprints on remanufactured products from printer cartridges to gear boxes. Could developing a carbon footprint for your product help you show the environmental benefits of remanufacturing in your business?

More info on our Carbon footprint work


Sector reports

The CRR has studied a wide range of different sectors. As a result we have developed a unique perspective on the remanufacturing landscape. Click here to find out more or contact us for information on how we can perform a similar study on your sector.

More info on the manufacturing sectors we cover


Remanufacturing info

Find out more about remanufacturing. We have an extensive database of information from basic principles to macroeconomic arguments supporting the use of remanufactured products.

Read more background information on remanufacturing



Key to the future success of remanufacturing will be in training and encouraging corporate and public sector procurers to buy remanufactured products. We have developed a tools and information on how to buy remanufactured products. We also offer bespoke consultancy that will save you money by buying remanufactured goods.

Read how to procure remanufactured products


The Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse

The Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse is an organisation based in the UK that specialises in advice and promotion on remanufacturing, reuse and reconditioning. We work internationally with businesses and governments on a range of different projects from market studies to carbon footprint analysis. We see remanufacturing as a way to strategically position companies close to their customers whist delivering economic and environmental savings.

Services we offer include:

Policy and public sector consultancy

For nearly a decade, we have been advising policy makers on the advantages of remanufacturing and reuse. We can work at both high-level policy advice and also advise public sector clients on ways to encourage remanufacturing through procurement.

Services for business

We offer a range of bespoke services for both businesses in remanufacturing/reuse industries and those looking at this area. We can work with you to identify your needs and develop a bespoke solution for you.

Education and seminars

We offer a range of training materials for students from both the business and design perspectives. We also offer a range of materials to help brief business leaders of the benefits of remanufacturing and reuse.

Certification and standards

The CRR are now offering certification services to PAS 141, a standard for reuse of electrical and electronic equipment. We are also capable of drafting industry standards to improve product quality and an industries image.

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