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Remanufacturing Standards

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Publicly Available Standards (PAS)

BS 8887 MADE standard

Industry Standards for Purchasers

External Links

BS 8887 part 1

BS 8887 part 2

PAS2050 for Carbon Footprinting

Developing credibility within the remanufacturing industry is an important step in reassuring potential customers that the product they buy is of a high quality. One way to achieve this is to develop industry standards which encourage a high quality remanufactured product. There is also a driver to develop best practice documents which inform potential remanufacturers of the benefits and gives them understanding of the business models employed to become remanufacturers.

We are partnering British Standards to develop standards for designing products which are easier to remanufacture, you can find out more about our standards work here. To ensure that remanufacturing is performed to a high standard we are partnering trade bodies and interested parties to develop product specific standards on remanufacturing, more details on PAS work can be found here.

The final section is designed to help purchasers identify which remanufactured products are right for their business with related pdf files where you will find environmental, resource and cost-effectiveness information for a number of product types.