Within the resources for OEMs, you can expect to find: • Case studies and business models from established remanufacturers – in-house, contracted and independent. • Descriptions of tools we have created to evaluate remanufacturing, reuse and recycling potential, and design resources. • Metrics: carbon footprints for the benefits of remanufacturing, and key value measures of resource efficiency. • Purchasing specifications for remanufactured goods. • Outcomes and opportunities for technical exchange within and between sectors. • Presentations and reports both we and others have published. • Sector activity reports: Our work in progress including efforts with British Standards on definitions, quality and design information. Since we aim to connect various interests, we are interested to hear about the issues of importance to you and ideas you have for future work, possibly requiring collaboration. With support, we may include them in the Centre work plan for funding under our programme, or use to influence the public sector agenda. If you have materials you would like to make available, links to resources that could be of use to the remanufacturing community, or want to get involved in the sector activities, please contact us. We will happily publish in pdf format with appropriate credits. In particular, we are interested in expanding our case studies and “snapshot” profiles to accompany our Interactive Map data.