The aim of this report is to quantify the environmental benefits generated by the reuse of this equipment as an alternative to using new furniture. This assessment is accomplished through the calculation of the carbon footprint associated with the standard lifecycles of two common pieces of office furniture; a standard office desk and chair. Initially the footprints calculated for original use provide a baseline footprint for later comparison. Further analysis, modelling of reuse scenarios was conducted for both pieces of furniture.Outputs from this process indicated that the reuse of office furniture can considerably lower the carbon footprint of these products. Our findings indicate that when two full lifecycles are taken into account, simple reuse of an office desk can cut its carbon footprint by up to 36% from 292 to 187 kg CO2e. Replacement of a major component, such as the desk top, reduces the benefit. However, carbon savings of at least 18% are still seen. In the case of the office chair, when reuse involves the replacement of minor components such as the foam seat and arm rests, reuse reduces the carbon footprint from 192 to 94 kg CO2e, representing a saving of 45%.