CRR, with Defra funding, was charged with actions to stimulate the appropriate expansion of businesses based on "closed loop" manufacturing and services. These often show significant environmental and financial benefits, and associated risk reductions from supply and demand security. We believe them to be under-utilised and a significant potential element of the low carbon economy (a now mainstream term, formerly marginalised within the 'sustainable businesses' badge). An important, though long-term, objective was to embed these concepts and their opportunity within mainstream business leader thinking.


We consulted with business schools and NGOs on the form such materials should take. Organisations such as WWF and Green Alliance, and business schools of Exeter, Durham and St Andrews contributed. The consensus received from our poll of schools indicated that any teaching resources should adopt the following principles:

  • Oriented around a real and tangible company case study;
  • Provide analysis from multiple functional perspectives;
  • Offer a platform for theses or in-company application;
  • Deliverable by existing staff with minimal support.

In conjunction with Dr Andrew King of University of Bristol, the attached teaching pack has been built with the cooperation of SONY Computer Entertainment Europe. We believe it meets the criteria above and can be used as a primer or as an exemplification within a variety of function modules.

It is our and Defra's sincere hope that these are a serious contribution to meeting the need for robust exemplifications of business practice for sustainability as professed by the business school community.

We'd be delighted to receive your feedback on these materials.