When an RDC is remanufactured such that its energy efficiency matches that of the latest designs, the remanufactured RDC saves 2,100 kg of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2e) compared to the manufacture of a new RDC. This is equivalent to the emissions generated from an average car that has been driven for 8,700 miles.

The current, potential and future activity within the remanufacturing sector was also investigated. The current market size for remanufactured remote RDC stands at nearly 4,000 per year and is expected to remain stable to the year 2015. The net effect of current remanufacturing activity is to prevent the production of 8,200 tonnes of CO2e annually. If remanufacturing became prevalent throughout the entire retail sector (for both integral and remote units), the industry could prevent the generation of approximately 144,000 tonnes of CO2e annually, which is equivalent to the average annual emissions of nearly 50,000 cars.

Other topics

The report also provides an assessment of factors that are hindering and promoting remanufacturing, and the actions various agents might take to assist.

N.B. Bond Group commissioned this report for public use to illuminate the RDC market, but some parts have been removed which they commissioned privately and which are confidential to them.

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