The high volume industrial printing sector is experiencing significant changes with the advent of digital communication and printing technologies. Offset presses have performed almost all high volume printing work and wil lbe needed to meet the different needs of the industry. These presses are built to last and are well maintained, and therefore retain a high value on the used press market. Digital printing presses are based on much newer technology, which is still rapidly advancing. These presses are beginning to compete with offset presses in the high volume market but due to their fast development their used value drops off more quickly. The early stage of this technology means that encouraging OEMs to consider reuse and remanufacturing now could have many payoffs later on as digital presses become more prevalent.


  • Engage with OEMs to develop digital press designs with reuse and remanufacture in mind.
  • Support OEMs in developing business models which encourage remanufacture and reuse of presses.
  • Promote the benefits and availability of reused digital presses to the printing industry.
  • Gather further data on level of reuse versus recycling, and comparison of reuse of parts versus whole units.