• Identify the leading organizations developing and implementing closed-loop manufacturing systems
  • Understand the challenges of designing, constructing and executing closed-loop systems
  • Examine the role of 'reverse logistics' as a driver of additional costs or source of cost reductions and what the key determinants of profitability are
  • Explore the role of government regulations requiring product take back and extended producer responsibility for full product lifecycles from manufacture to end of life disposition
  • Determine whether closed-loop strategies theory actually works


Aircraft, Automobile, Battery, Building Material, Carpet, Computer, Consumer Packaged Goods, Cosmetic, Defense, Consumer Electronic, Food and Beverage, Footwear, The studey examined over 30 industries including: Home Furniture, Hospitality, Industrial Equipment, Mattress, Medical Imagery, Office Automation, Office Furniture, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Photocopier, Photography, Power Tool, Rail Service, Resin, Semiconductor, Steel, Telecommunications, Textile, Tire and Toy.