Buying remanufactured and reused products is an easy way to reduce your businesses impact on the environment. Remanufactured products typically deliver significant savings, both for the environment and for your business, compared to an equivalent product made from recycled materials, and certainly versus a new product. All this is achieved without any compromise on product quality as remanufactured products are sold with a warranty to match that of a new product.Reused products, typically those that have been repaired, rebuilt or refurbished, also offer the opportunity to utilise products that retain their embodied material and labour value. Again, this can give significant cost savings to the purchaser of these goods and divert quality goods from landfill. We have found that many businesses, driven by a growing requirement to operate in a sustainable and responsible manner, want to purchase remanufactured and reused office products. This brochure aims to help them to achieve and also includes directory of CRR members offering these services.