Macroeconomic studies

We can use the information gathered from macroeconomic studies to provide further insight into the remanufacturing landscape and make policy recommendations that would encourage reuse and remanufacturing.


Procurement advice

Purchasers and asset managers have the power to positively impact the remanufacture and reuse market in the UK.

For buyers and specifiers:
We support businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact and improve profitability by bringing remanufactured goods into their sustainable purchasing decisions, without comprising on product quality and performance.

For asset managers:
We help find a cost-effective and sustainable disposal route for a range of products by linking with remanufacturers and reuse groups in both the commercial and not-for-profit sectors.

We work with both procurers and suppliers to develop guidance for public procurers who want to reduce costs and reduce the environmental impact of purchasing, e.g. national procurement specifications.

Purchasing specifications:
We develop documents to help purchasers: identify which remanufactured products are right for their business, provide an overview of the remanufactured product, describe which specifications to look for and what guarantees you can expect.