Macroeconomic studies

We provide studies to assess the impacts of policy measures on the remanufacturing industry. These include reviewing the enhanced capital allowance scheme, policy options to promote remanufacturing, market failures in remanufacturing and uses for refillable packaging systems.


Sector reports

Until we conducted a study in 2004, the size and composition of the remanufacturing industry in the UK was unknown. Since then, we have categorised and described many different product groups and markets where remanufacturing is prevalent. Based on this work, we have developed a series of sector reports that describe the remanufacturing and reuse activities for a wide range of remanufacturing sectors.


Case studies

We have developed a large number of business-focused case studies that describe, from an independent view, how remanufacturers operate. These illustrate that remanufacturing is an important industry and that serious, well-run companies are operating in this space. Remanufacturing companies have used these case studies to help promote their business to their current and potential customers. They have also been used by academic institutions to highlight how remanufacturing can lead to greener business practices.