Members of Intellect's Printer Manufacturer Group are currently developing plans for applying these new standards for ink (ISO/IEC 24711) and colour laser (ISO/IEC 19798) printer cartridge yield to their own product portfolios. The plans will include a number of measures including: ? the creation of page yield websites where consumers can go to find out more about the yield of products ? the introduction of web page addresses on inkjet product packaging ? training for retailers and channel partners to help them explain the relevance of yield to customers. Reporting on consumer IT products and services in December 2002, the UK Office of Fair Trading (OFT) recommended the industry produce a test 'standard' for inkjet cartridges to help consumers compare the costs and yields of different makes. Acting upon this, major inkjet printer manufacturers formed a group within Intellect and liaised directly with the OFT on solutions. Steve Foster, head of Intellect's Printer Manufacturer Group, said: "The UK printer manufacturing industry has been a leading proponent of yield standards and believes these worldwide ISO standards offer significant benefits for customers and the printing industry alike. "Until now, printer manufacturers have used a variety of methodologies to measure cartridge yields. Page yield is one of a number of important factors to consider when selecting a printing system. These standards will help consumers have consistent and easy to understand cartridge yield information for the printers they are buying. Through their national standards bodies, Intellect members Canon, Epson, HP and Lexmark, have participated along with a number of other stakeholders in the ISO process to develop printer cartridge yield standards. " The latest standards follow on from the ISO/IEC yield standard for monochrome toner cartridges (ISO/IEC 19752) published in June 2004. They embrace major attributes that affect yield and apply robust statistical analysis so all manufacturers can utilise the same methodology to measure their own yields. They apply equally to the remanufacturing and refilling industry as well as to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Foster added: "Printers are a global product for global markets and consumers the world over have similar interests and concerns. Therefore worldwide standards are clearly a preferable solution to a multiplicity of regional standards whose differences can only serve to confuse customers. Intellect now calls on the whole of the UK printer industry to support and adhere to these new, rigorous testing methodologies to measure print cartridge yields. "

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