David Parker of the CRR and Olivia Bertham of Oakdene Hollins were delighted to be at the launch of ECOBULK, an exciting Horizon2020-funded circular economy project. The project aims to build circular economy thinking into the design, production and end-of-life of bulky composites.

Bulky composites are commonly used, but it's currently difficult to recover them and retain their value within the economy. But we're working on it!

The ECOBULK project hopes to challenge current barriers and present improved ways of working by:

  • establishing the circular economy framework
  • working with representatives of all stages of a product's value chain from designers to waste management companies
  • piloting and showcasing products in the automotive, construction and furniture sectors and
  • creating materials information platforms that enable different options at a product's end of life.

It's an ambitious four year project, and Oakdene Hollins will lead the work programmes on business models and results exploitation.

Watch this space for more information as the project progresses. In the meanwhile, you can see pictures from the ECOBULK KOM Delft launch via the link below.

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