Under the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) for raw materials, the Wuppertal Institute leads two projects that analyse the barriers to reuse and remanufacturing activities in Europe:

  1. Key success factors for reuse networks (RUN) and
  2. Bridging the raw materials knowledge gap for reuse and remanufacturing professionals (ReUK).

The projects aim to understand crucial knowledge gaps and other barriers that prevent the uptake of reuse and remanufacturing activities. The goal is to develop lifelong education material (RUN) and entrepreneurship support services (ReUK) that should help to overcome the barriers in parts.

In both projects, the engagement of stakeholders – company professionals, who see opportunities to reuse or remanufacture, and waste professionals from the public and private sector, who want to increase the reuse of specific waste streams, but also interested local entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs in municipal and private organisations, and students – is an important activity. Engagement activities include:

(a) interviews to understand crucial barriers,

(b) interviews regarding raw material savings through increased reuse and remanufacturing, and

(c) participation in project workshops and webinars as part of the entrepreneurial support services and lifelong education materials developed during the projects.

If you would be interested in participating or would like to find out more, please send a short email to susanne.fischer@wupperinst.org 



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