Our report for WRAP Cymru shows that, currently, relatively little remanufacturing is carried out in Wales and that manufacturing organisations do not consider remanufacturing a high priority area due to a range of barriers. These include: lack of customer demand/recognition, lack of end markets, cost, declining manufacturing base, and lack of awareness of remanufacturing, both by businesses and consumers.

The total value of remanufacturing in Wales in the four sectors investigated (aerospace, automotive, electronics and energy) is currently around £200 million - about 1.5% of the total turnover in these sectors.

We found the organisations that carry out skilled refurbishment and repair activities are mostly in the aerospace and automotive sectors. However, there is suitable Further Education training available, and the Welsh workforce has the capabilities needed to carry out remanufacturing.

The summary of our report is available from WRAP Cymru's website.

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