Chad Trautvetter reports for AINonline:

Approximately one of every five Beechjet 400/400XPs has been, or is contracted to be, remanufactured as a Nextant 400XT/XTi, Nextant Aerospace announced yesterday. The Nextant process involves completely disassembling the airframe; replacing worn components; making aerodynamic and other airframe improvements; installing fresh engines, avionics and interior; and repainting.

“The 400XTi has reached a tipping point in the marketplace,” said Nextant executive vice president Jay Heublein. “Of the approximately 550 applicable, in-service Beechjet 400A/400XPs, more than 20 percent of the fleet is now contractually committed to the Nextant remanufacturing program.”

In addition, the global fleet of in-service 400XT/XTis has now exceeded 100,000 hours of flight time. Nearly 70 of the remanufactured light jets are now in service in 13 countries, the company told AIN.

“The aircraft has proven to be a reliable platform and in doing so, has validated the remanufacturing model,” noted Nextant director of global product support Tony Kurpely. “We have been very pleased to see the number of Nextant aircraft that fly in excess of 800 hours annually. This is a real testament for the operational strength of the airplane.”


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