ERN‐project members will describe how different companies work with remanufacturing business models, processes and product design. Tool‐kits and learning materials for the three areas will be presented and discussed. The goal of the workshop is to inform participants of the economic and ecological benefits of remanufacturing. The focus of the workshop will be product design, processes amd business models for remanufacturing.

The ERN Workshop is organized by the ERN Project in collaboration with the 14th International Design Conference. The ERN Workshop is free to attend, excluding travel expenses. A fee is applied for participation in the International Design Conference 2016. The venue is Hotel CROATIA, Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia on Wednesday 18 May 2016 2pm-6pm.

To register for the ERN Workshop, email Maria Eriksson at by 6 May 2016. To register for International Design Conference go to

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