Prime topics discussed were remanufacturing business models, remanufacturing processes and product design for remanufacturing. Tool-kits and learning materials for these three ERN focus areas were presented and discussed during the workshop.

The goal of the workshop was to inform participants about how to gain economic and ecological benefits from remanufacturing. The workshop was aimed at both existing remanufacturing businesses and those that want to start remanufacturing.

The workshop included:

  • 10.00 The ERN project
  • 10.30 Remanufacturing Business Models
  • 11.30 Remanufacturing Processes
  • 13.00 Design for Remanufacturing
  • 13.30 Workshops (Business Models / Reman process / Product design)
    • Tool-kit discussion
  • 15.30 Workshop summaries
  • 16.00 Plans for Remanufacturing Council
  • 16.30 Summary


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