Remanufacturing paint would reduce costs to local authorities.

PaintCare, run by the British Coatings Foundation (BCF), is an industry-led initiative that aims to increase the amount of leftover decorative paint being redistributed for use or remanufactured. A report published by PaintCare "Creating a circular economy for leftover decorative paint in the UK" suggested a number of recommendations for the government and stakeholders as to how to remove the barriers that prevent the redistribution of waste paint. BFC recommends that all stakeholders involved in facilitating a circular economy for leftover paint join signatories AkzoNobel, Dulux, Crown Paints and Ronseal and sign up to the PaintCare voluntary commitment. The initiative is also supported by the Environmental Services Association, Veolia and the Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (LARAC).

The report presents 18 recommendations to the paint industry, government and local authorities to remove barriers to the remanufacturing of paint. It also suggests paint manufacturers develop tools that advise customers on the amount of paint required for jobs, promote consistent guidelines on the disposal of leftover paint and calls for a remanufacturing quality protocol for leftover paint to ensure consistent quality and consumer confidence in the recycled product. Paint remanufacture would lower costs to local authorities as remanufacturing replaces disposing of leftover paint as hazardous waste.

Only 2% of leftover paint in UK is remanufactured

Of the 50 million litres of waste decorative paint generated in the UK every year, only 2% is redistributed for use or remanufactured, according to the BCF. The majority of waste paint that enters domestic waste streams is sent to landfill or disposed of as hazardous waste, at a significant cost to local authorities (LAs). Paintcare members that have developed redistribution and remanufacturing programmes, include AkzoNobel's Community Repaint scheme, which redistributes almost 500,000 litres of paint to community projects in 75 locations each year; and Veolia recently opened a paint remanufacturing facility at its Stewartby site in Bedfordshire.

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