3D printing could solve problem of sourcing spare parts in the f

David Holden, Riley RM Club general secretary, speaking at the recent UK clubs' conference said that club members have found it difficult getting parts remanufactured affordably in the past. "We're hitting a brick wall – particularly when it comes to parts liability insurance and getting companies to manufacture parts in the sort of quantities most people are interested in. Unless we do something to move things forward, it will get worse, with more cars staying off the road because the owners just can't get the parts."

Spokesperson of the 60/80 & MO club, Colin Poland, said tthat he was excited at the prospect of clubs using 3D printing to solve parts shortages. "The US Air Force already uses it and it's being used to build a house in Amsterdam; I think it can do a lot for classic car owners." But the first task is to find affordable remanufactured parts.

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