From October Meritor air dryers will enter the market

Beginning in October 2015, Meritor will start selling remanufactured System Saver™ 1200 family air dryers for heavy- and medium-duty commercial trucks. Each industry-leading System Saver air dryer is remanufactured with genuine Meritor WABCO components and tested to ensure OE quality and performance.

"Remanufactured Meritor WABCO air dryers are a cost-effective option that doesn't sacrifice original equipment manufacturer quality," said Steve Hampson, President and General Manager for Meritor WABCO.

OEM-approved cartridges ensure air dryer performance

Meritor WABCO remanufactured air dryers are packaged with the same OEM-approved cartridges as used on production vehicles. Meritor WABCO air dryer systems have the drying performance specified by OEs, which helps to decrease the risk of water damage to internal components.

Remanufactured with OE authenticity at WABCO's award-winning Reman Solutions facility in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Meritor's Director of Remanufacturing, Tim Bauer said "Adding these products to the Meritor WABCO remanufacturing portfolio furthers our goal of providing cost effective remanufactured solutions. Remanufacturing has positive environmental impact because recycling components prevents waste of used materials and allows their continued usage by the customer."

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