Driving jobs and investments throughout the Central Texas region

The city of Austin, Texas, is looking for potential recycling and reuse industry tenants for its new [re]Manufacturing Hub. The industrial park, located on redeveloped land owned by Austin Resource Recovery (ARR), will be a home for the local circular economy and will attract, retain and grow zero-waste businesses.

At the moment, many of Austin's recyclables are sent out-of-State or overseas. The [re]Manufacturing Hub aims to be a place where recyclables can be locally transformed into new products. The co-location of recycling and reuse firms will create opportunities for synergistic supply chains. A recent study commissioned by Austin's Recycling Economic Development Program found that reuse and recycling have an economic impact of $720 million, which has the potential to grow to $1 billion.

"To reach zero waste in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner, Austin needs companies in our region that can reuse and repurpose the materials we collect," says Bob Gedert, director of ARR. "The companies that locate at the [re]Manufacturing Hub will become part of a growing zero waste ecosystem in central Texas."

According to an article in Recycling Today, land will be developed in two phases, with 10 potential leasable areas for firms in the recycling and reuse supply chain. Basic infrastructure construction will begin in summer 2016, and the first phase will be tenant-ready in early-mid 2017.

Austin's Economic Development Department (EDD) has joined forces with ARR to support manufacturers that reuse, repurpose, or recycle. EDD Director Kevin Johns says: "I invite all businesses in this sector to consider calling the Austin [re]Manufacturing Hub home."

Letters of interest

ARR is accepting letters of interest until 19 October 2015. Once all submissions are received, the city will decide whether to issue a request for proposal or begin financial review and negotiations with interested firms.

Interested businesses can download the letter of interest form and view a webinar on becoming a tenant at http://austintexas.gov/ecopark.

More details are reported in Recycling Today or are available from the official website of the City of Austin.

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