The CRR attended the annual Ellen Macarthur Foundation CE100 Summit at the Royal Institution in London last week. The day was action-packed with a variety of top notch speakers, with remanufacturing and reuse getting significant mentions throughout. Some particular highlights were:

  • Ellen Macarthur, Ellen Macarthur Foundation: Ellen kicked off and wrapped up the proceedings, as ever summing up the key issues in the circular economy eloquently. She highlighted that we were at the beginning of the journey but tremendous things were already happening.
  • Nabil Nasr, Rochester Institute of Technology: We at the CRR are big fans of Nabil. He took the crowd through the benefits of remanufacturing; for example, flagging the 97% of energy savings made through the remanufacture of furniture.
  • Walter Stahel, Geneva Association: Walter is one of the top thought-leaders when it comes to remanufacturing and circular economy. He presented some of the key concept pillars that are starting to emerge and support a performance economy.
  • Marty Neese, SunPower: Marty took us through SunPower's business - a really impressive implementation of circular economy principles at a large scale and truly living up to their values, with a particular focus on design for longevity.
  • Robin Chase, Founder of Zipcar: a fast-paced (zippy?) presentation from Robin, highlighting the power and speed of the sharing economy. An insight-packed talk - did you know Couchsurfing and AirBnB have far more beds to offer than the biggest hotel group in the world (IHG)?