Strong industry support

The China Off-Highway Vehicle Summit is strongly supported by vehicle industry and international associations.

This summit will provide a platform through which the participants can familiarize themselves with the current state of the market and the direction of government policies and regulations for the China off-road vehicle industry, and therefore gain a better understanding of China's off-road vehicle market.

Off-road insights

Speakers from the government as well as from leading off-road vehicle companies will share their invaluable insights and experience of China’s off-road vehicle industry.

Event highlights are promised to be:

  • First hand interpretation of the 13th Five Year Plan for China's construction equipment industry by CCMA.
  • In-depth analyses of the current OHV market climate in China and how to cope with the market's decline to maintain growth.
  • Authoritative interpretations of emission control standards and agricultural machinery subsidies by the MEP and NDRC.
  • Examination of new growth points such as railway infrastructure.
  • Deep insights into technical development trends with product updates for OEMs and core spare parts like engines and hydraulic systems.
  • Tracking the new profit points of the aftermarket, including remanufacturing, leasing, and used equipment.

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