Alliance to establish a forum to promote resource efficiency

The G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency will provide a forum to exchange and promote best practices and foster innovation together with business (Business 7) and other stakeholders, including from the public sector, research institutions, academia, consumers and civil society, on a voluntary, nonbinding basis. 

The Annex to the Leader's Declaration G7 Summit 2015 includes "Circular economies, eco-design, sharing economies and remanufacturing" as a subject area that will be addressed in a series of workshops to initiate the process under the G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency.

Broad strategy to promote sustainable materials management

The unsustainable consumption of natural resources and concomitant environmental degradation translates into increasing business risks through higher material costs, as well as supply uncertainties and disruptions. Against this background, improving resource efficiency and managing materials sustainably throughout their life cycles are important elements of delivering environmental and climate protection, employment, social benefits and sustainable green growth.

The G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency aims to promote an exchange of concepts on how to address the challenges of resource efficiency, to share best practices and experience, and to create information networks. 

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