Federal Vehicle Repair Cost Saving Bill goes to US House

The Bill was introduced by Sen. Gary Peters and was co-sponsored by Sen. James Lankford late last year.

Peters said the bill will “reduce wasteful spending, ensure tax dollars are being used efficiently and support the growing remanufacturing industry in Michigan and across the country.”

Remanufactured parts are often less expensive than new parts and have been returned to same-as-new condition. The parts including engines, transmissions, alternators and starters, are under full warranty.

Lankford notes "the Federal Vehicle Repair Cost Saving Act is a commonsense solution to conserve American taxpayer dollars while using good-as-new auto parts remanufactured in the US.”


U.S. is world�s largest producer of remanufactured goods

Peters notes that the USA is the world’s largest producer, consumer, and exporter of remanufactured goods. The federal government spends nearly $1 billion per year on repair and maintenance of 588,000 government vehicles.

"Remanufacturing of motor vehicle parts creates 30,653 full-time US jobs, while remanufacturing of off-road equipment creates an additional 20,870 jobs," he said.

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