#MakeThingsLast is part of drive to a circular economy

“A circular economy is where we keep products in use for as long as possible; and reused, refurbished or taken apart to make new products at the end of their initial life," said Richard Lochhead, Scotland’s Environment Secretary.

“How often do you buy new clothes for a special event that only get worn once? How many DIYers buy expensive power tools for a single task then leave them to gather dust in the garden shed?"


#MakeThingsLast challenge

A more circular economy starts with product design, which influences how products are manufactured and used – as well as how long they last and the scope for repair, reuse and recycling. Combining these approaches helps to keep products in use for longer – making better use of the material, labour, energy and capital that went into their production.

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland said:

“The #MakeThingsLast campaign is about engaging everyone in Scotland in finding a solution to a common problem we all share – how do we end our throwaway culture and make the most of what we already have? Share your views on these ideas, get involved and keep up-to-date with this four-week campaign on Zero Waste Scotland’s Facebook page, or on Twitter using #MakeThingsLast. 

“At the end of this campaign, your views could contribute to the development of a roadmap towards a circular economy in Scotland. These changes will help shape our future society ensuring it is sustainable for generations to come."

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