Tim Roth, APRA Chair

Tim Roth, the new Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association Chairman, is championing remanufacturing and increasing awareness.

"Many people aren't aware of remanufactured products, that things like aircraft engines are routinely remanufactured. I think awareness first leads to acceptance, acceptance leads to support and understanding; the better understanding the consumer has about remanufactured products, the more likely they are to choose them," he explained.

"People will be impressed by the number of families supported by remanufacturing. The recent press is an indication of the interest in the industry, there's lots of private equity interest too," he said.

APRA spreads the message by holding clinics and reaching out through Global Connection. Tim believes "the more people we can get interested in the concept, the better its growth. I think young people today will be very interested in reman, we are trying to reach them."

Sean McGeough, CEO & President of Nextant Aerospace

Sean McGeough agrees with Tim about the value of awareness. A recent Nextant customer advisory board meeting of customers and industry leaders came to the consensus that "the strength of our brand is remanufacturing".

"We agreed there is a real need to talk more about reman, as you aren't spending the huge sums it takes to build with new aluminum, equally you are offering the latest technology, and vitally you aren't exhausting the exorbitant amount of energy it takes to make new products when you have existing ones with a shelf life of 20, 30 or 50 years," said Sean.

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