Nextant Resale Division gets off the ground

Tim Roth, APRA ChairLate last month Nextant launched its Resale division and offered its first aircraft - a 2012 Nextant 400XT with 1,400 hours' total time since remanufacturing - for $4.55 million, roughly $1 million less than a newly remanufactured 400XTi. The purchase price includes new interior soft goods and exterior paint stipend.

Nextant first sold the 400XT models in late 2011, and has delivered over 60 of its 400XT/XTi aircraft to customers so far. As the fleet has grown, some have begun changing hands, opening a market for pre-owned remanufactured aircraft.


Upgrading for Resale

“A remanufactured aircraft lends itself particularly well to the resale market because of its inherent sustainability,” the company said. “By establishing a resale division, we can take a pre-owned Nextant and upgrade it to include new technology features that have been added to current-production aircraft.” 

Nextant Resale conducts a factory-approved inspection before the aircraft is sold, and offers product support to resale customers.

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