Here at the CRR we have been championing remanufacturing for more than 10 years, working to highlight both the business and environmental benefits of the process. As we are fond of saying, not only are remanufactured products as good as new, the only difference your customer will notice is the price.

Our stand at Resource 2015 this year featured products from three companies which clearly demonstrated both these virtues. They also illustrated that building remanufacturing into your business model can be extremely effective.

Remanufactured products - As Good as New

Established in 1997, ThermaCom was one of the first companies to identify and champion the changing attitude to environmental sustainability within their industry. They were pioneering remanufactured compressors before the industry embraced the practice. All ThermaComs compressors are subject to vigorous testing to ensure that they meet strict Quality Standards. These remanufactured compressors allow for longer-life, more efficiency and less waste.

Amaryllis logothermacom.logoRicoh logo

Our second display item was the One Chair, an ergonomic office chair which has been specifically designed for reuse and which can be easily reconfigured to meet individual requirements. Designing with end-of-life in mind is a key aspect of circular thinking and one which is integral to effective remanufacturing. The chair was kindly loaned by Amaryllis, one of the UKs leading office and contract furniture suppliers. They are also providers of a wide range of services including lifecycle management.

Our final exhibit was an Eco-line photocopier from RICOH. Eco-line products are remanufactured and the range has developed a powerful brand reputation for providing high-quality print services at lower cost. Eco-line was set up as part of Ricohs sustainability agenda and to meet specific demand within the UK market. It is the only printer company in the world to have a remanufacture operation in the UK and all products have the same warranty, service and lifetime as new equipment, with a near-zero carbon footprint.

Our stand at Resource 2015 clearly showed the essential role that remanufacturing plays in the circular economy and just how effectively some companies are harnessing its power.  

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