CRR report examines Scottish remanufacturing industry

A report into the Scottish remanufacturing industry by Oakdene Hollins (who operate the CRR) has been published today. Speaking at the Holyrood Waste Conference, Scotland's Environmental Secretary, Richard Lochhead, highlighted some of the report's key findings. Mr Lochhead said: "Remanufacturing - where we restore and extend the life of a product - is a key area with momentum in Scotland. The figures speak for themselves and it is clear that creating more opportunities in this area will be a huge benefit to the economy  in fact by 2020 remanufacturing activity in Scotland could grow by up to £620 million, and bring up to 5,700 new jobs to the country, which is just fantastic for the sector.

"A few weeks ago I officially launched the Scottish Institute of Remanufacture - the first such centre in Europe, and one of only four in the world alongside Singapore, New York and Beijing. I also visited Mackies, a company in the East End of Glasgow that remanufactures gearboxes.

"There are many specialists working in remanufacturing in Scotland, ranging from family businesses like Mackies to major international companies such as Cummins's Diesel Recon, who remanufacture diesel engines, and the Weir Group, who remanufacture centrifugal pumps, steam turbines and compressors.

"The report published today identifies the major areas of remanufacturing activity in Scotland  the aerospace, automotive, energy, and rail sectors. There are other sectors which could also support significant remanufacturing activity, including ICT and medical equipment.

"The Scottish Government is determined to pursue this opportunity and earlier this week, the First Minister launched Scotlands Economic Strategy, which emphasises the importance of remanufacturing for a variety of existing sectors. The challenge is to ensure that we put in place the structures and support to nurture this promising activity, and help us move towards a more circular economy where we keep products and materials in high value use for as long as possible."

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland said: "This report, commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland, is a landmark in providing evidence of the fantastic economic potential of remanufacturing in Scotland. Remanufacturing is already a key part of the developing circular economy in Scotland and can play even more of a part in the future - reducing our reliance on raw materials and creating high quality jobs in communities across the country. 

ZWS logo"Zero Waste Scotland is committed to supporting and promoting the development of a circular economy in Scotland, with all the benefits that will bring."

Director of the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service at Scottish Enterprise, Nick Shields, said: "Remanufacturing is an exciting opportunity for Scotlands manufacturing sector. It can help stimulate innovation, boost productivity, create jobs and promote increased resilience to price spikes in raw materials. Working closely with the new Scottish Institute for Remanufacture, we aim to support more companies to respond to the opportunities and help create new jobs and wealth for Scotland."

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The full report, summary report and four remanufacturing case studies that supported this work can be downloaded from the Zero Waste Scotland website:

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