Circle Economy have launched a pamphlet to call for European leadership for a circular economy: "At Circle Economy we believe that strong European leadership is necessary to make the transition to a circular Europe happen. The European Commission is currently considering withdrawing the Circular Economy Package that former commissioner Potonik put together. Vice-president Frans Timmermans, in charge of deregulation, has been requested by president Jean-Claude Juncker to do so with commissioner Karmuna Vella who now is responsible for environmental affairs. Circle Economy thinks that we should not lose the momentum we have gained so far: the role of the Commission is crucial in turning the circular economy into a European success. European businesses believe in the circular economy and its enormous potential for innovation, new jobs and our competitiveness worldwide. We need European leadership to create the (international) boundary conditions for a circular economy. Deregulation and reform can be a good thing, as long as such simplifications and adaptations are in favour of circularity. A number of politicians, organisations and European countries have already expressed their concern. The Netherlands followed eleven leading member states in opposing these plans. A number of members of the European Parliament also emphasised the need for keeping the package. Furthermore, an open letter was sent by ACR+ and some thirty European organisations to highlight the importance of European targets for a circular economy. Circle Economy wants to show the European Commission how ready European businesses are for the transition to a circular economy. Support our call for strong European Leadership and share the pamphlet." To view the pamphlet, select the PDF below and if you would like to share on Twitter, select the external web-link.

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