In May, it was reported that Caterpillar would be investing more than £1 million in its Shrewsbury facility, where the company remanufacturers engines for military and off-road vehicles. Matt Bulley, the divisions managing director, said: "I would still say we are in a relatively steady position. We are not plummeting as we were 10 years ago, but are still in challenging times. "What we are seeing in our remanufacturing engines, when there are budget constraints, being able to reuse and remanufacture products is a cost-effective way for the customer to use their vehicle rather than reinvesting in new ones. "We are having to keep a very close eye on costs in all areas of the business, but in terms of continuing to look at opportunities to invest in salvage technology, and not throwing as many components in the bin. "We are upgrading our test facility to the tune of £1 million, and we have some projects running in terms of investment in machine tools in our machine shop. He added: We have to make a case to compete for funding, like everybody else, but since we have been able to secure investment that suggests the company has a degree of confidence in Shrewsbury, but its still very competitive." For the original article by Thom Kennedy, please see the weblink.

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