A new report by EEF highlights the importance of materials and resources in manufacturing: materials and resources account for about 40% of manufacturers' costs and volatile costs and supply risks are important concerns. The EEF report sets out "the medium- to long-term trends which are underlining this concern, explore(s) how other nations are responding and how this can inform our own strategic approach." One of the reports recommendations is to incentivise resource efficiency, including remanufacturing. An important step will be to "review the legislative environment for remanufacturing so that remanufactured goods are not legally discriminated against." The report also recommends that "BIS should support the establishment of a Network of Excellence in Remanufacturing", of which the Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse is part of the current proposal. To access the full report on-line, please go to the weblink.

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