The Materials and Design Exchange (MaDE) has teamed up with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) on a project that has the long-term goal of helping to make the end of life process for road vehicles more sustainable, through the effective application of design and materials. The event on the 19th June at the Heritage Motor Centre saw the launch of the report "Design innovation for the circular economy" which presents the findings from a Whitewater open innovation workshop (also attended by Rachel Waugh) held in January 2014. Rachel spoke on the role remanufacturing has in the automotive sector, including within JLR, and described current remanufacturing activities and influences at a UK, European and global level. Other speakers at the event included Rob Chaddock from recycling company EMR and Harry Dwyer, who recently appeared on the Channel 4 programme "Kevin's Supersized Salvage", where he was one of a team of designers challenged to upcycle components from a scrapped aircraft. For more information on MaDE, please see the external weblink:

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