In its first edition for 2014, ReMaTecNews has summarised some of the remanufacturing activities in China, which demonstrate the country's ongoing commitment to developing their remanufacturing industry. One such activity was the groundbreaking ceremony, on the 8th November 2013, for the Zhangjiangang State Remanufacturing Industry Demonstration Base in Zhangjiangang City. ReMaTecNews reports: "According to plans, the current green field will, within a few years, be home to five product categories, Auto Parts, Metallurgical and Engineering Machinery Equipment Manufacturing, Machine Tool, Mould and Cutting Tool Remanufacturing, Electronic Office Equipment Remanufacturing and Remanufacturing Equipment Production. These will be supported by a Reman R&D Centre, a Remanufacturing Test Centre, a Remanufacturing Electronic Commerce Centre, a Remanufacturing Logistics Distribution Centre, a Remanufacturing Incubation Centre and finally, a Dismantling and Cleaning Centre. As the Base is included in China's 12th Five Year Plan, the entire project qualifies for Government and city government support." For the full article, please go to the external weblink.

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