In the April edition of MRW, Caroline Spelman explains why the remanufacturing industry needs the same support the manufacturing sector was offered in the latest Budget. Having overseen the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource group report on remanufacturing, Ms Spelman highlights the huge potential of the UK remanufacturing industry, with a current value of £2.4bn and the potential to increase to £5.6bn, creating thousands of jobs in the process. As a global industry, Ms Spelman is concerned the UK is lagging behind - in the US, the largest remanufacturing industry, the sector employs 180,000 people and is valued at £26bn. However, the UK remanufacturing industry faces challenges of market and regulatory barriers, e.g. legal definitions of waste, and the "prescriptive nature of design briefs which do not always allow for innovation", e.g. design for remanufacturing. A lack of consumer awareness, and therefore trust, is another barrier than the report suggests can be overcome by a globally accepted definition of remanufacturing. Ms Spelman promotes the creation of a cross-departmental committee to further promote the development of the UK's remanufacturing industry, with the potential of significant gains to be realised. For the full article, please go to the external weblink.

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