The APSRG and ESKTN are undertaking a joint research project to explore the potential social, environmental and economic impacts of remanufacturing as one strategy for moving towards a more resource efficient and circular economy. The report provides an introduction to the remanufacturing industry and describes the opportunities and challenges faced by remanufacturers. The event, chaired by Rt Hon Caroline Spelman MP, marked the launch of the research project and had speakers from BIS, UK Parliament, Orangebox and Viridor. The CRR's Ben Walsh and Nick Morley both attended the event and the CRR's publications and website were cited throughout the report.Key recommendations to UK government in the report include: - Adopting a definition of remanufacturing to distinguish it from other reuse activities - Identification of areas with the best remanufacturing potential in the UK and supporting these through funding - Avoiding remanufacturing core being considered waste through revision of the Guidance on the Legal Definition of Waste - Amending the Freedom of Information Act to require product designers to provide information, on request, to enable easier remanufacturing. - Reviewing and addressing the regulatory barriers to remanufacturing - Considering the introduction of a certified mark for remanufacturing - Adopting whole life costing to incentivise the purchase of remanufactured goods - Setting up a Centre of Excellence for Remanufacturing - Considering a tax break for remanufacturers

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