Fernand Weiland, Vice Chairman of the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association, Europe (APRA), says that the Summit was not only about automotive remanufacturing. At least half of the presentations were about other remanufacturing industries like health care equipment, heavy duty, laser, machine tool and the photocopy industry. NKLR is conscious that automotive is an important driver for remanufacturing, but it is also promoting the other reman industries. A recent survey by the US Trade Commission showed that automotive and HD/Offroad remanufacturing is the biggest sector representing 35% of the remanufacturing industry, but sharing the remaining 65% with aerospace, machinery, IT products, medical devices, retreaded tires, etc. Fernand Weiland suggests that Europe and China are not very different from this 35-65% structure and that perhaps it is time for APRA and all the other reman associations to realize that the remanufacturing industry should collectively look across the entire industry and start to put all their forces together. Regarding automotive remanufacturing in China, his view is that the heavy duty side of remanufacturing is well represented and progressing steadily, but on the car side of remanufacturing a lot remains to be done. Not only are the cars on the road young, but the other challenge is that the Chinese trade and consumers are not yet particularly keen to use reman products.

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