It will be delivered by the leading body on resource efficiency, WRAP, and is underpinned by WRAP's new research published today. It is being developed to bring together businesses from the electricals sector to explore and take action on the significant opportunities that could boost the UK economy. For example, encouraging trade-in of used TVs alone could grow UK GDP by around £800 million per year. Previous WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) research showed that around 25% of electrical and electronic products discarded by householders at recycling centres were suitable for re-use. If these products were re-used and the lifetimes of shorter-life products were extended, the country could save up to 170,000 tonnes of resources, delivering a carbon benefit of around 1.1 million tonnes CO2 per year. The evidence comes from WRAP's new report  Switched on to value - which brings together extensive technical investigations and new evidence from consumer research, product design reviews and a study of the asset management market. It reveals significant opportunities for businesses and consumers through trading-in used electronic equipment and designing longer life appliances. Its estimated that UK householders have at least £1 billion worth of electrical and electronic equipment in their homes which is no longer used but still holds significant value3. WRAP estimates the UK market value for trading pre-owned equipment could be worth up to £3 billion. Consider this with the fact that only 7% of electricals are currently reused and a third ends up in landfill, and it presents real opportunities for businesses and consumers to unlock that value. Particularly as WRAP's new consumer research indicates an appetite for trading in consumer electronics and purchasing more reliable appliances. For more details, please go to the external weblink.

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