With the Government set to publish a new Waste Prevention Programme in December 2013, the webinar looked at how the private, public and third sector can work effectively to reduce waste and increase re-use, with clear financial and environmental benefits. The Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC) has laid down a five-step hierarchy of waste management options, applicable to all EU Member States: 1. Waste prevention 2. Preparing for re-use 3. Recycling 4. Recovery (including energy recovery) 5. Safe disposal, as a last resort. The webinar, transmitted in early December, concentrated on the first two options of the Waste Hierarchy: waste prevention and preparing for re-use. Waste prevention and re-use involves behaviour change from all involved in the supply chain from manufacturers to end users. Less waste means less collections and treatment infrastructure which reduces the financial strain on cash-strapped councils, and increases the financial benefit to private companies and the third sector. Using the example of compressor remanufacture, Nick Morley explained the commercial and environmental issues surrounding remanufacturing and what was required to achieve lower costs combined with lower environmental impacts. To download the recording of this webinar, please go to the external weblink.

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