The consortium is formed of the MTC, Electrovaya, the CRR, Unipart Manufacturing, RDVS, Bluebird Innovation Group, Loughborough University and Cenex and part funded by the Technology Strategy Board. Work on the project is moving forward at a steady pace. The team led by the MTC are in the final stages of concept design for the new battery pack. The battery pack components excluding the cells have been completely redesigned, in order to prevent over-engineering and reduce mass and the cost of production. The next stage of the project which will commence early in the New Year is to achieve automated assembly of the battery packs. In order to further exploit and disseminate the results of the project, we are currently looking for opportunities to present at conferences and workshops. If you know of any suitable events, please get in touch. For the latest project information, please visit the project website . For further information on this project please contact Josie Arendorf.