Created by FAB Recycling, its aim is to satisfy a demand for vehicle parts for re-use that are from models 12 years old and younger. A variety of 'bundles' of parts are available at market prices to authorised sellers or 'partners', such as treatment facilities, salvage agents, vehicle dismantlers, bodyshops, reconditioners and suppliers. Buying in bulk can save the trade time and money. All listings are screened and approved before they go to auction. Only approved, licensed partners are entitled to sell bundles to ensure traceability and vehicle dismantlers are checked for adhering to FAB's policies. Jason Cross, managing director, said: "It's a marketplace that provides a level playing field for trade buyers and sellers. Prices are determined by supply and demand, while quality of service is assured by FAB, which already sets industry benchmarks for green vehicle parts". Partners are able to upload images and a description to one of 12 categories which are checked by FAB before they go live on the website. Buyers have seven days from the start of the auction to complete a deal. Confidence in partners is built up through buyers providing feedback. A buyer needs to set up an account and pay an annual registration fee; once approved they can bid for bundles. For more details, please go to the external weblink.

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