This is the thinking behind a number of new, joint initiatives by APRA, the international association of automotive remanufacturers, and Amsterdam RAI, the organiser of the biennial ReMaTec exhibitions. APRA and Amsterdam RAI are now investigating ways of merging and expanding their operations on a global scale. The two parties expect to announce further details later in 2013. The deliberations primarily focus on two areas: adapting the show concept of one single exhibition for the entire remanufacturing industry to regions outside Europe and inviting other remanufacturing organisations to take part in a joint effort. "Growing interest in sustainable manufacturing will expand remanufactured products and we're focused on supporting this expansion with strong industry backing. We see a growing interest in remanufacturing from businesses as an important part of their strategy and our efforts are designed to provide a broad and inclusive platform for business, academia and industry associations to support and advance the industry", said Tim Roth, APRAs treasurer. "We believe that joining forces to develop business opportunities for remanufacturing industries worldwide is the right way to go", stated Peter Bartel, Chairman of APRA Europe, one of APRAs three regional divisions (the others being APRA USA and APRA Asia Pacific). Bartel added: "As more and more remanufacturers become globally active, APRA is well positioned to contribute more to the development of remanufacturing. Together with RAI, with which we have worked closely since 2005, we're confident that the ReMaTec concept of bringing all aspects of automotive and HD reman together under one roof can be exported to other markets". Exploring opportunities "The time is ripe to look into other markets and our clients are requesting this. Given our successful partnership with APRA, combined with their global presence, it is only logical that we explore these opportunities together", said Niels Klarenbeek, DomainManager, Remanufacturing, at Amsterdam RAI. "The aim is to include other reman associations and stakeholders wherever possible so that the eventual outcome will be a strong, unified force that can speak on behalf of the global reman industry and its practitioners everywhere". For more details, please go to the external weblink.

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