Sunlight is the UKs largest supplier of multiple use surgical gowns and drapes. Branded Protex, these are made from high tech, synthetic materials, and processed in dedicated facilities. Protex drapes and gowns exceed the standards of European Norm 13795, are comfortable, cost effective and by reducing clinical waste, help you reduce your impact on the environment. Additionally, as Protex multi-use drapes and gowns are provided as part of a service, NHS organisations are able to reclaim the VAT paid. Where single use drapes and gowns are preferred, the Guardian range combines high quality and comfort with performance that exceeds the EN13795 standards. Sunlight has the UKs only design and production facilities for gowns and drapes. Ali Ali, Head of Procurement at Bradford Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, estimates that each year, by using the Protex service rather than single use gowns and drapes, the Trust saves in excess of £50,000 and produces 62,000Kg less clinical waste and commented: "We are delighted to have minimised our costs and carbon footprint while supporting surgical teams with drapes and gowns that meet high standards of performance and comfort". For more information, please see the UK Governments Laundry & Linen Services Framework Case Study at Download Files. For Sunlights Clinical Products & Services, please go to the external weblink.

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