On the 8th May, UNEP published the report: Green Economy and Trade: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities, which is an output of the Green Economy and Trade Opportunities Project. This project has three aims:  - to identify international trade opportunities that arise from the move towards a green economy  - to identify policies that will enable industries to pursue these opportunities  - to help develop the capacity necessary to establish a green economy through sustainable trade. The 298-page report covers six topics: agriculture, fisheries & aquaculture, forests, manufacturing, renewable energy and tourism. In the Manufacturing chapter, remanufacturing is promoted as an opportunity for creating green trade opportunities across multiple product sectors. The chapter highlights the potential cost, resource and energy and emissions savings that can arise from remanufacturing as an alternative to recycling or disposal activities. The report finds that remanufacturing is becoming increasingly significant in particular sectors, e.g. automotive parts, ink and toner cartridges and ICT equipment, and for particular regions, e.g. China has committed to expand its remanufacturing industry in its current five-year plan, and trade of remanufactured products is a noteworthy growth area in developing regions, such as Africa. The Manufacturing Chapter of the report can be found at the external weblink.

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