Dr Ben Walsh (Manager of the Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse) will be drawing on his work at the CRR when he speaks on Remanufacturing in Europe - Business Case Studies. The focus of the event will be how to better exploit the potential of waste as a resource. Remanufacturing not only preserves the materials and the embodied energy in a product, but also reduces new production waste. An increasing number of household name companies are proponents of this method of business: Caterpillar and BMW are just two examples. There is a common misconception that in buying a remanufactured product you are sacrificing quality, yet every BMW refurbished part is subject to exactly the same quality specifications as a new BMW part, and carries the same 24 month warranty. The environmental benefits of remanufacturing are also significant. Ben will look at the current situation and the future of remanufacturing in the EU. He will focus on the value that can be added when companies implement remanufacturing in their business activities. Please contact Ben Walsh for any more information.