The aim of this event is to give a better understanding of the potential of remanufacturing to MAG members with the goal of facilitating trade in remanufactured goods. Ben runs the Centre for Remanufacturing & Reuse and he will drawing on this expertise during his presentation. He will be sharing the latest academic research and business developments, for example in the technologies used in remanufacturing. Ben will also examine the role that regulation can play in developing confidence in re-use markets, as he explores the environmental benefits of remanufacture and the opportunities it presents for economic growth. The objectives of the workshop are: - Share latest academic research and development in the area of remanufacturing. - Enhance understanding of the role of science in remanufacturing and technologies used in remanufacturing. - Explore the linkage between product design for remanufacturing and remanufacturings impact on environmental stewardship. - Provide expertise on the role remanufacturing plays in closed loop product systems Please contact Ben Walsh should you wish to discuss his work further.