The Department for Business, Innovation and Skill and the Environment Agency has held a launch event for the PAS 141. During the event it was announced that the CRR was the UKs first accredited certification body for the standard. PAS 141 seeks to provide a thorough and transparent auditing process of companies reusing E-waste. It sets out the requirements to ensure that UEEE (used electrical and electronic equipment) and WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) are fit for re-use. Developed by industry experts working with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), it also aims target illegal exports of waste which are being made under the guise of re-use. Ben Walsh, from the CRR, said that there were benefits across the board for the sector; PAS 141 certified companies will be able to use this standard to differentiate themselves from their competitors, whilst it helps Producer Compliance Scheme managers to protect the reputation and integrity of their members, by identifying organisations which are operating responsibly. The benefits of PAS 141 are considerable, providing consumers with the reassurance that used apparatus is electrically safe to use and functionally fit for purpose. Equipment from certified organisations carries labels to identify that they have been processed in compliance with the standard. Yesterdays launch event was well attended by representatives from industry. Hosted by RDC at their Braintree facility, the largest IT recycling site in the EU, Gary Griffiths endorsed PAS 141 and thanked all those who had been involved in its development. Mat Crocker, the Head of Illegals and Waste at the Environment Agency stated that PAS 141 will be used as a tool to stop illegal exports of WEEE. Also speaking was Chris Pook, head of green economy at BIS who believed that standards such as this are of vital importance to the UK re-use industry. PAS 141 promises to be a useful way of increasing consumer and business confidence in the quality of re-use WEEE, which it is hoped will create more green jobs in the UKs growing re-use sector. For more information, please contact Ben Walsh or go to PAS 141 Certification.