Leading remanufacturers, ARMOR, Embatex, Katun and KMP are the founding members of the association. The organization is expected to push the market development by drawing united proposals. According to a report from the Recycler, ARTI-Italia President Giovanni Ravelli has outlined a number of the associations focuses, including "collaborating with public institutions such as the Provincial Administrations that manage waste legislation, Regional Agencies for Environment, the Ministry of Economy and Finance [stated as re-evaluating remanufactured cartridges] and lastly the Ministry of the Environment", which is undergoing a guidance document for the cartridge remanufacturing industry. Ravelli says: "UKCRA and FCR are actually similar to ARTI-Italia respectively in the UK and France and pursue common goals close to our own. With all of these subjects and others already in Italy, we hope to build a serious and fruitful discussion for a healthier and more sustainable market."

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